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Jefferson Parkway Update


Arvada City Council

Statement Given to the Arvada City Council on April 1st 2019

Disabled Veteran From Leyden Rock Explains Mental Health Impact of Jefferson Parkway Toll Road


My name is Gary B... I am a Disabled Veteran. For 15 years, I served as an Aerial Combat Photographer, Surveillance Systems, Reconnaissance, Target Acquisition and Battle Damage Assessment Operator in Counterterrorism Special Operations. I travelled all over the world and saw some of the worst things you can imagine. I was wounded several times and suffered many other injuries. My body has healed but one thing has not, my mind. I have severe PTSD. My wife and I lived in Lake Arbor, Arvada for 20 years. We were five blocks from Sheridan Boulevard. The traffic noise and sirens really affected me. I was constantly reacting to loud sharp noises. We decided to buy our home in Leyden Rock because it was well out of the city, quiet and has great neighbors. In 2015 we moved in and construction was still underway. I did not realize the toll that construction noise, for over a year, would have on me. The daily hammering, nail guns and heavy vehicles kept me from going outside and I stayed in the safety of my home. Now, the thought of more than two years of highway construction has me extremely concerned. It is hard to differentiate between construction sounds and combat.

When we purchased our home, we were told by the builder that the Jefferson Parkway would probably never happen. If it did, it would be at least 10 years. My research led me to the conclusion there were so many roadblocks the parkway would never go through. The City of Golden, FAA restrictions on the north end of the Parkway and acquiring land from owners that did not want to sell were just a few challenges. I also investigated Rocky Flats and concluded that it would not be a threat because there was no way that any construction would be approved due to the countless buried Plutonium hot spots. In my wildest imagination, I could not imagine that the US government would sell over 100 acres to the Jefferson Parkway Authority to be dug up to build a road. With so many homes and businesses downwind, I thought this would be impossible. I was wrong. 

Now I realize that our government officials that we elected have a different agenda than protecting our citizens. I thought a Parkway would be like all others, with safety, light and sound mitigation as well as landscaping, bike and walking paths to fit in with community design. Now I find out this is not a Parkway, this will be a toll road to be owned and operated by a private entity that could care less about our community. Our disclosure at closing did not say a toll road it stated there was a Right of Way for a parkway. 

Our city representatives appear to be more interested in business growth and increased tax revenue. I was also an Arvada Real Estate Broker for 19 years. Leyden Rock, Candelas and several other communities will suffer property value losses, especially those homes backing to the toll road. Hopefully, Jefferson County understands that while our property values decrease, so will their property taxes.

I am asking the Council to step back for a moment and think from your heart. Would you be OK with having your family living next to a toll road with 65+ speeds and only 6-7 car lengths from your back yard? What would you do?

I have talked at length with my veteran brothers about this proposed parkway. As a member, for over 20 years, of the VFW, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans, I have resounding support. If this route goes through the middle of Leyden Rock, we will band together and do what we know. FIGHT!  I don’t mean combat, I mean with our voices and numbers. 

We did not give service to our country not to be represented by the officials we voted for. Several council members will soon be running for reelection. Trust me, it will be an uphill battle if you do not show compassion  and that our citizens are your number one concern. If the route cannot be moved from Leyden Rock, at the very least, provide safety, noise, light and emissions mitigation and make sure not to bring Plutonium into our communities.

Thank You for Your Time.

"Now I realize that our government officials that we elected have a different agenda than protecting our citizens. I thought a Parkway would be like all others, with safety, light and sound mitigation as well as landscaping, bike and walking paths to fit in with community design. Now I find out this is not a Parkway, this will be a toll road to be owned and operated by a private entity that could care less about our community."

Denver Post Article

The Denver Post just released this article online about our opposition to the Jefferson Parkway Toll Road. It went to press on March 18. Take a few moments to read the article.


noise study


Sound and noise are serious issues. It is expected that noise will increase from the Jefferson Parkway (tollway). Based on a noise study, the worst-case noise level increase for Leyden Rock homes that border the tollway is expected to be +30 dB (Decibels). To appreciate what a 30 dB noise increase means we need to understand some basics beginning with existing noise levels.

An engineering firm measured the existing noise levels for homes that border the tollway. The measured average existing noise for homes bordering the tollway is 38 dB. The existing noise level is needed to compare to the expected tollway 30 dB noise increase that will be heard at homes bordering the tollway.

A 30 dB noise increase means that homes bordering the tollway will hear noise at 68 dB (38 + 30 = 68) once the tollway becomes operational. A 68 dB noise is somewhere between typical speech and a washing machine as seen on the noise meter below. The real issue is the 30 dB noise increase as explained below:

The expected 30 dB noise increase is a serious issue for Leyden Rock residents bordering the tollway because an additional 30 dB is equivalent to hearing noise that is eight (8) times louder than what you’re currently hearing today.

The JPPHA (Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority) is considering noise mitigation for Leyden Rock, but unfortunately the options offered so far seem to be limited to 8 to 20-foot sound walls. According to their noise study, a 20-foot sound wall will reduce the sound by 8 dB, which reduces the noise level from 68 dB to 60 dB. Even with a 20-foot sound wall, the noise level will still be 22 dB higher than today’s existing noise. 

A 22 dB noise increase is equivalent to hearing noise that is four (4) times louder than what homeowners are hearing today.

For reference, the Arvada and State of Colorado residential noise level compliance is 55dB between 7am and 7pm and 50dB between 7pm to 7am. The proposed 20-foot-tall sound wall only reduces the expected tollway noise to 60dB, so sound walls by themselves will not mitigate the noise to acceptable levels.

The Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) advises local governments should use their regulatory authority to prohibit residential development adjacent to highways or that they require planning, design, and construction of developments that minimize highway traffic noise impacts. It’s clear that Arvada leaders along with the JPPHA ignored the FHWA recommendations as it pertains to the Jefferson Parkway through Leyden Rock and Candelas.

The JPPHA used the disclosure forms that Leyden Rock residents signed as proof that home buyers were informed about the tollway. The Leyden Rock home builder’s disclosure forms did not inform home buyers that the tollway noise was going to be as high as eight times higher than it would be without the tollway. We will never know how many home buyers would not have purchased Leyden Rock homes bordering the tollway if they had known the truth about how much noise the tollway was going to generate?


Neighborhood Information Flyer

  We are about to distribute this flyer throughout as many neighborhoods as possible. This is not an easy thing to do. We are asking you to download our Neighborhood Flyer, print it and distribute to your neighbors. We need to get our message out to as many Arvada homeowners as possible. Please help us to spread the word!

Neighborhood Flyer (pdf)


Movement to stop jefferson parkway gets on tv!

Take a moment to watch this newsclip. Local media is starting to notice our Movement.

Arvada City Council Meeting, March 4, 2019

I recommend that you go to 9:01 on the video so you can watch the Public Comment and responses of the Council.

Leyden Rock Community Meeting

Leyden Rock Clubhouse on Tuesday, 2/26/19 at 6:30PM


Large Crowd Attends Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway Meeting


A full audience of Leyden Rock residents attended the Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway community meeting last night. Attendees watched the Power Point Presentation and were able to have several question and answer opportunities to fully understand the full scope of the Jefferson Parkway project.

-the background of the Tollway

-how this alignment through our neighborhood happened

-the safety and health risks posed by the Tollway

-what you can do right now to help Stop the Parkway

To view the Power Point Presentation, click the download button below. Once downloaded, click Slide Show on the menu bar at the top of the screen, then press Start on the left of the menu.

Leyden Rock Stop Jefferson Parkway Meeting
Leyden Rock Stop Jefferson Parkway Meeting

Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway Power Point Presentation at Leyden Rock Community Meeting Clubhouse on 2/26/19 (pptx)


Arvada City Council Meeting, February 4, 1019

Please go to 2:23 to hear Randy Stafford's comments regarding JPAC's advice that was disregarded and the Rocky Flats plutonium issues. Brett Vernon discusses first responder's access from the north of Leyden Rock to Hwy 72.  Jeff S. speaks out regarding Leyden Rock issues. At 1:50:45, Mike Raabe addresses the council regarding the well being of Leyden Rock and the Jefferson Parkway.

Round and Round We Go!

The Tollway Construction Plan Will Slow Down Indiana Street Traffic

The Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway, an Arvada based citizen group opposing the proposed Tollway, wants you to know a little-known fact about how the proposed Tollway will impact Indiana Street.

We discovered that the Tollway construction plans call for a re-alignment of Indiana Street and will include a roundabout. A roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel counterclockwise around a center island. There are no traffic signals or stop signs in a roundabout. Drivers must yield at entry to traffic in the roundabout, then enter the intersection and exit at their desired street. The roundabout is planned for the northern section of Indiana Street near Walnut Creek. 

A Modern Roundabout Is Meant To Slow Traffic
A Modern Roundabout Is Meant To Slow Traffic

The proposed plan shows north bound traffic on the Tollway will cross over Indiana Street and head towards Broomfield. The roundabout will allow southbound traffic on Indiana Street to enter the Tollway, and northbound traffic to exit the Tollway onto Indiana Street. The maps on the right were obtained from the Highway Authority's website ( and shows how the roundabout is currently designed.

The roundabout will allow traffic to exit the Tollway travelling north or south. When the traffic exits it will be forced to merge with traffic on the roundabout. For the Tollway to pass over Indiana Street and connect with the planned roundabout, Indiana Street will need to be realigned to the east for approximately a mile or less.

The Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway group believe this plan is a deliberate attempt to slow traffic down on Indiana in order to direct more traffic onto the Tollway. The opposition group has been hearing rumors of attempts to slow the speed limit on Indiana in order to frustrate drivers into using the Tollway. 

Map Graphic of the Roundabout Merge
Map Graphic of the Roundabout Merge

We believe the roundabout could bring traffic to a choking point as vehicles from three directions will need to immediately slow down to avoid collisions.

The Highway Authority indicates that the design is only a draft and could be changed by the bidders during the design process. However, the roundabout design will remain in the plan and be in the request for proposal process to the bidders.

Please contact your Arvada City Council and let them know how you feel about this plan to alter and slow down Indiana Street. Better yet, come and tell them at their next meeting on March 4th. 

Actual Roundabout Merge Diagram
Actual Roundabout Merge Diagram

call to action!

We Need Your Help to Stop Jefferson Parkway!

You Have An Opportunity in the Next Few Weeks to Make a Difference

Stop $$$ Money That Helps the JPPHA's Budget For Annual Operations!

Jefferson County, City of Arvada and City/County of Broomfield jointly contribute taxpayer dollars to fund the annual operations toward the building of the Jefferson Parkway (Toll Road). Normally their budget has been $1.2 million ($400,000 each). For 2019, the JPPHA is requesting $7.5 million. That means $2 million or more from each of the cities and counties.

That’s a lot of money and we know some Council members are concerned about it.

Arvada City Council will vote on the additional $2 million budget request on 3/18 or 4/1,

Broomfield City Council will vote on the additional $2.1 million budget request (expected April)

CALL TO ACTION OPTIONS: Go through all the information on our website and you will see it's a bad idea.

1. ARVADA CITY COUNCIL: Meets Monday, March 4; 6pm (Arvada City Hall; 8101 Ralston Road 80002)

 **We are planning a peaceful protest at this meeting; PLEASE ATTEND—NUMBERS MATTER!!

 **Come to hear our group make public comments. 

 **Be there at 6pm; if you plan to make a public comment, see below.


**Sign up at "Get Involved" at the bottom of the website.


 **Email their addresses on the "Get Involved" article just below and you can also use our sample       message.


 **We need support from other affected neighborhoods throughout Arvada.

 **Give them our website to see all our information; encourage them to come to the Arvada City Council meeting on March 4.


**Public Comments section starts about 6:15pm.

**Be there before 6pm to sign up.

**Be prepared; write your remarks and practice them. You will have 3 minutes to speak (be prepared to   cut to 2 minutes).

**Speak to your questions/concerns; how the Tollway will impact you; those you care about, etc.

 **Don’t repeat the comments of others.


Our Mission is to educate our communities with the facts!

Learn How Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent On the Jefferson Parkway


$18 million dollars have been spent in the last 10+ years for a project that has yet come to fruition. If completed, it will be a privately owned toll road, funded and operated by The Parkway will not complete the Denver Metro Beltway as promised. Now it will be a toll road which will route through 

the Leyden Rock and Candelas communities. The project is expected to be funded and operated by a foreign company. They will have the ability to increase toll fees as they want. This is purely a business enterprise without regard to homeowners in affected communities. There is no plan to mitigate sound, noise or emissions. 

Safety and protection of wildlife or the environment are not a priority.

Key Reasons to stop the jefferson Parkway toll road

United By A Common Goal


Our goal is to protect our communities just like these citizens that protested the Rocky Flats  facility which eventually led to a cleanup of plutonium and designated the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Reserve. However, there is no easy way to eliminate plutonium. The cleanup basically covered the affected areas with dirt. Now, the JPPHA (Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority) has unfettered authority to spend millions of tax dollars and develop the route of the Parkway. Even though there is significant findings that the Rocky Flats Reserve should never have any construction that moves the soil, the Jefferson Parkway plan will place a four lane toll road on the east end of the refuge. This places all communities downwind of this construction in a potentially hazardous situation. Once again, our citizens are not a concern for the JPPHA. We need to join together like the citizen watchdogs from 1987 and stop this project that has no advantage to our communities. In fact, the public no fee roads will be changed in a fashion that will move us to use the toll road instead of our public roads.  

Get Involved


Time is running out! We must rally together to educate yourself and your neighbors. Acting together, we can hold the JPPHA accountable for their spending and poor planning. We must be the highest priority, not a toll road with political interests. It is time for us to tell our Mayor, the JPPHA and city council that Enough is Enough! They need to stop pretending to have a viable plan that is in our best interest. Stop throwing our good money after bad. Be responsible public servants  and show some integrity.


Arvada: (

Mayor Marc Williams:, 303-424-4486 

District 1 Councilmember Nancy Ford:

District 2 Councilmember Mark McGoff:, 303-423-5258

District 3 Councilmember and Mayor Pro-Tem John Marriott:, 720-273-3912

District 4 Councilmember David Jones:

At-Large Councilmember Dot Miller:

At-Large Councilmember Bob Fifer:, 303-929-4278

Broomfield: (

Mayor Randy Ahrens:, 303.469.1498

Ward 1 Council Member Elizabeth Law-Evans:, 303.460.1295

Ward 1 Council Member Stan Jezierski:, 720.272.2158

Ward 2 Council Member Mike Shelton:, 303.269.1946

Ward 2 Council Member Sharon Tessier:, 303-641-5433

Ward 3 Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem Bette Erickson:, 303.466.3255

Ward 3 Council Member Deven Shaff:, 970.344.8032

Ward 4 Council Member Kevin Kreeger:, 720.982.3751

Ward 4 Council Member Kimberly Groom:, 303.374.4074

Ward 5 Council Member David Beacom:, 303.453.9420

Ward 5 Council Member Guyleen Castriotta:, 720.607.1527

Sample email:  (send to,

Honorable Council Member,

I am opposed to the allocation of another $2,500,000 from the City’s budget to fund the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority in 2019.

I urge you to vote against this allocation when it comes before Council in a resolution very soon this year.

The Jefferson Parkway project makes no sense. Voters disapproved its predecessor W-470 by a four-to-one margin in 1989. The Northwest Quadrant Feasibility Study found in 2000 that such a roadway won’t relieve congestion in our city. The Northwest Parkway has been a financial disaster for Broomfield. And the public health risk of disturbing plutonium-contaminated soil east of Rocky Flats is paramount. There is no defensible reason to build this parkway and waste taxpayer money doing so.

Please spend our tax dollars more wisely, and please be responsive to the will of the citizens.


An Engaged Constituent

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